The Zipadee Story began in 2017

In the words of their first client:

Amanda is a designer who worked in advertising for years before leaving that world to jump with both feet into the realm of interior design and consulting. I mention that because I think it is a significant aspect about her approach: She knows how to make things beautiful, and how to also design for the real world. She is a wife and mother, so she understands the balance between the form and function of a home. And she has a sneaky genius for translating understanding into well-designed solutions that make a home more beautiful and - most importantly - more livable.Oh, and here's the other thing: after showing you a bunch of options for furniture, she'll also mention that her husband, Matt, could "probably make something like that, or even better." ...Yes, Matt can do that. Matt crafted all of our built-in units, created cabinets that are the centerpiece of our living room, built our coffee table, a buffet table and the list goes on. The overall process and execution resulted in a home that my wife and I, and our three daughters find both comforting and delightful in a way that we didn't before. Amanda + Matt = Victory. - Scott Mylin, Westerville, Ohio

Where we are today

Soon after Amanda and Matt became a "business couple", interior design turned into furniture and décor design, with a niche for children's rooms. Creating for customers across the US, they gained an understanding of what parents were unable to find online but desperately needed for their growing children. Chemical free, child-centered products that would adapt for use through teen years. Before the recent spotlight (for good reason) on creating a home environment that promotes independence during toddlerhood, they had designed and built a beautiful collection of Montessori friendly furnishings.

Uncompromising Standards - Always 

ZipadeeKids has become a small service, production, and fulfillment team. We have woodworking help from two local Ohio family-operated shops (each with generations of experience). Matt still builds custom pieces when time allows and Amanda continues to lead our team in research, design and marketing of our products. Guided by their faith, they fully devote themselves to ZipadeeKids, giving back and raising a family. They remain a family owned and operated company. There are no investors or board of directors. No revenue goals or new product deadlines. No cutting cut corners for higher profits. Matt and Amanda get to lead the kind of company their employees want to work for and their customers want to support. 

With the changes that come, our passion remains the same: We love creating. Your family celebrates the creative process right along with us when using or gifting our products. Let's keep creating, keep celebrating and keep inspiring American handmade.